Maison Hermès Dosan Park, home to Hermès since November 2006, when it inaugurated as the fourth Maison Hermès in the world, has emerged as an important cultural forum, encouraging interaction and exchange between Hermès craftsmanship and a splendid local culture.



May 20, 2017, we open the doors of our newly renovated Maison Hermès Dosan Park. Maison Hermès Dosan Park, home to Hermès since November 2006, when it inaugurated as the fourth Maison Hermès in the world, has emerged as an important cultural forum, encouraging interaction and exchange between Hermès craftsmanship and a splendid local culture. The Maison underwent a renovation in October 2014, eight years after its original opening, which provided a space for the home collection on the third floor and a new contemporary exhibition space Atelier Hermès and Café Madang on the basement floor. The latest metamorphosis of the Maison is in step with the building’s uniquely original design and the traditions of Asian architecture: a sense of balance and space prevails throughout, evoking the symbolism of Yin and Yang. The first floor features the men’s universe, silk, watches, jewellery, and perfume, while the second floor is dedicated to the women’s universe, leather goods, and fashion accessories.

Maison Hermès Dosan Park has played an important role in supporting and celebrating the work of Korean artists and an engaging dialogue with multiple artists is present throughout the store. Suspended on the third floor is a site-specific work by artist Haegue Yang, titled Sol LeWitt Upside Down – Cube Structures Based on Five Modules, Central One Expanded 184 Times, Another Expanded 66 Times then Doubled and Mirrored #81-E. Also, a retrospective of installations from past windows by local artists like flyingCity, Young-Whan Bae, Jinnie Seo, and Jackson Hong is showcased in a dynamic window display. On the basement floor’s contemporary exhibition space Atelier Hermès, an exhibition titled O philoi, oudeis philos by six young local artists will be held from May 20 to July 23 to pay tribute to the meaningful exhibitions held through the past ten years.

The six windows of Maison Hermès Dosan Park have been playfully depicted with a horse at work by French illustrator Ugo Gattoni while Maison Hermès Dosan Park progresses inside since February. He will continue to decorate the façade to communicate various messages and a live drawing performance will be held on May 20 and 21 for the visitors of Maison Hermès Dosan Park to introduce his works.

Maison Hermès Dosan Park: 7, DOSAN-DAERO 45-GIL, GANGNAM-GU, SEOUL

window display

Retrospective window displays for Maison Hermès Dosan Park(2006 -2017)
flyingCity, Young-whan Bae, Jinnie Seo, Jackson Hong

On the 20th of May, the newly refurbished Maison Hermès Dosan Park will disclose a very meaningful window display portraying its itinerary from the past to the future. With the grand opening of Maison Hermès Dosan Park on the 9th of November, 2006, the history of its window display began with the collaboration of Korean artists, stopping passers-by with eye-catching artistic show windows.

It has always been a difficult task to visualize a story stimulating imagination, inside a show window, that corresponds with the theme of the year proposed annually by Hermès, as well as to make the story resonate well with Hermès’ new collection. However, artists have tackled this tricky task in a daring manner for the past 11 years, so that curious strollers could observe the seasonal changes of the show window with great anticipation. The adventurers who created such changes were flyingCity(Winter 2006 – Spring 2007), Young-whan Bae(Summer 2007 – Winter 2012), Jinnie Seo(Spring 2013 – Winter 2013), and Jackson Hong(Spring 2014 – current); four leading contemporary artists who offered the viewer with unlimited visual joy in the limited space of window, contributing with respective personality and artistic strength, at full capacity. These four artists who have enlivened the Maison Hermès Dosan Park windows gathered together at last to reproduce one of their past window displays to show one by one.

From the window display that renders us nostalgic with vague memories, to the one that made you turn your head and think of something else albeit momentarily, while walking feebly in the deadly heat last summer; these scenes from different seasons would gather in front of Dosan Park until this summer. But you have to hurry. If not, this special scenery would end before you know it. The golden cube-like Maison Hermès Dosan Park would be already stepping into the future, long ahead of you.

May 20 – August 15, 2017
Maison Hermès Dosan Park 1F, 7 Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


Title: O philoi, oudeis philos (O friends, there is no friend)
Artist: Kim Minae, Kim Yunha, Kim Heecheon, Park Kiljong, Baek Kyungho and Yoon Hyangro
Period: May 20 – July 23, 2017

Atelier Hermès presented its first exhibition with works of Daniel Buren, a representative contemporary French artist in November 2006. Triggered by the re-opening of Maison Hermès Dosan Park, Atelier Hermès is now to showcase O philoi, oudeis philos, an exhibition to shed light on its trajectory of the past decade when it has proactively been engaged in the passion of contemporary artists who allude “art as an engaging part of life”, and set its agenda for the next decade based on it.

The title of the exhibition—O philoi, oudeis philos—is from a quote attributed to Aristotle by tradition. The exhibition on works of six actively working Korean artists in their late 20s to 30s—Kim Minae, Kim Yunha, Kim Heecheon, Park Kiljong, Baek Kyungho and Yoon Hyangro—is in a collaborative structure: the six artists bring in the past of Atelier Hermès—the exhibitions held, artists invited, or artworks realized at Atelier Hermès—to the present as if they would call their “friends”, let the trajectory of Atelier Hermès’s past confront with each of their present, and then reflect this again into a “friend” to come—each other’s work to come (or, each other’s work which is not yet realized). Atelier Hermès’ past decade is touched upon in a prospective manner to encounter the upcoming time instead of a retrospective manner, at this attractive junction of the coexistence of possibilities and impossibilities.

Address: Maison Hermès Dosan Park B1F, 7 Dosan-Daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: 11 AM – 7 PM (Closed on Wednesdays, opens at 12PM on Sundays and holidays)
Artist Talk: June 3, 2-3:30 PM at Atelier Hermès(upon reservation)
Inquiries and reservation: 02-3015-3248 / hyejo.yum@hermes.com


Located on the first basement level of Maison Hermès Dosan Park, Café Madang presents new menu to celebrate the reopening of Maison Hermès Dosan Park.

The best chef in Shilla Hotel presents special new menu with fresh ingredients. Green salad with shrimp Bruschetta serves as the gambas-style shirmps are on the freshly baked baguette bread with fresh salsas, garlic sauce, and it comes along with fresh green salad. Celeriac puree with scallop serves as fresh grilled scallops with celeriac puree which you can feel scented. The new dessert prepared ambitiously for you to enjoy after your meal is a French toast with berries. It is accompanied with fresh seasonal fruits and cream cheese to spice up your sweet taste. We also have a set of afternoon tea set which is the signature menu of Café Madang which consists of sandwiches, scones and a variety of sweets. We strongly suggest to those who would love to spend their special moment with families, lovers, and friends. In Café Madang, anyone can enjoy light meals, desserts and champagne and the exciting and special moments.

All menus are served with Hermès tableware like as Raylle 24 and Mosaïque au 24 Platine, and champagne is served with Saint-Louis crystal collection. Visitors will be able to experience an unforgettable moment and the essential lifestyle of Hermès.

Café Madang is connected to Atelier Hermès where visitors could enjoy contemporary exhibition which Hermès features three times a year.

Café Madang
Address: 7, DOSAN-DAERO 45-GIL, GANGNAM-GU, SEOUL, Maison Hermès Dosan Park B1F
Phone: 02-546-3643
Time: 11:00 – 19:00 (Closed on every third Wednesday)

Street Concert

Hermès Korea holds the ‘Street Concert’ to commune with musicians on Thursday, May 25 in front of Maison Hermès Dosan Park. It is revived in this year for public to share the passion for the music with up and coming artists since its last concert in May 2012. Besides the concert, there will be an interactive animation inside of the Maison Hermès Dosan Park to explore the store and the Café Madang is transformed into a lounge bar to give more surprise at this Thursday night.

Hermès Street Concert
Venue: Maison Hermès Dosan Park
Date: 2017. 05. 25, Thursday
19:30 pm     Performance 1 : iamnot
20:00 pm     Performance 2 : Hyukoh
20:30 pm     Performance 3 : Koh Sangji

Petit h

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